Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

The President will free up 5 political prisoners in Papua

AVIRANEWS - Joko Widodo President planned to announce the release of five political prisoners specifically and give a general amnesty to a number of other political prisoners.

The announcement will be made in a press conference following the review of correctional institutions (LP) class 2 Abepura, Kempton, Saturday (9/5) afternoon.

"Yes, the plan is so," said Coordinating Minister (Coordinating) politics, Law and security Tedjo Edhi Purdijatno to compass, as confirmed on Saturday (9/5) morning at the HOTEL Switzerland-Bel Papua.

However, when asked who the five political prisoners, Tedjo quibble forgot. "Gosh I forgot, just checked again later," he added.

Related are five political prisoners who will be freed specifically it enters category the main character in the action demanding independence for Papua, Tedjo said, "We are gradually Yes. These five used to be and more. " Known, originally the liberation of political prisoners will be given to 6 people, but one person turns out there is already dead.

Tedjo confessed, Jokowi President and policy-JK to liberate political prisoners is a step to better focus Government for basic welfare such as health, education, and life assurance. In addition to peace and security and the land of Papua.

Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

Access to Minority Muslim Life in Outback Australia

AVIRANEWS - Saban Friday in the city of Ararat-50s Muslim residents gathered in a small building near the train station. Such was the atmosphere of worship of the minority Muslims weekly in the outback town of Victoria outside Melbourne.

In the small building, the Muslim community organization named the Islamic Welfare Association occasionally met with local Catholic Church parties for joint activities.

But soon, the Muslim residents in the city has a population of 8000 's soul, will have its own mosques. It is because the City Government has given permission for the construction of Ararat, which was also approved by the leaders of other religions in the city.

ABC met with four Muslim family-the same as other citizens feel proud of Ararat and is regarded as the city's hometown.

The fourth family recognizes religion they profess it is often misunderstood by other population-as if they were a threat to the local community.

Family Anas Ghazal and Kimberly Amatullah

Anas Ghazal was a doctor in the HOSPITAL of Ararat. Born in Syria met istirnya, Kimberly, during these visits Australia-born woman Syria to deepen lessons in the Koran.

"We introduced each other, love each other, and finally I apply for him," says Anas.

"We are married and settled in Syria for two years."

Kimberly himself converted to Islam at the age of 18 years, long before he met Anas.

"Then I just finished high school, and find the meaning of my life," explains Kimberly.

"My religion teacher of Syria, so I went there to study religion and experience life in a different culture, '' he said.

Husband-wife moved to Bendigo City of Ararat three months ago, with three of their children. Kimberly is currently pregnant with a fourth child.

Their lives together with a partner, but other young family-shuttle work, children to school, shopping, cooking and other family activities.

They claimed to be more relaxed living in the outback town was compared to the major cities like Melbourne.

But the challenge, not all residents have a broad understanding of religious differences such as urban residents in General.

Kimberley himself claimed in the last 14 years since he wore the hijab, only three times as long as he can remember he directly gets negative comments from others.

Osman Kokcu

Born in Turkey, Osman Kokcu, had settled in Australia for 14 years he lived and worked in the slaughterhouse animals in Ararat.

His wife and son to stay in Melbourne for reasons related to his son's school at a high school. "I met them at the weekend," he said.

Osman is the caretaker of the Islamic Welfare Association in Ararat, which aims to help each other out among Muslim families.

"For example, there is a new Muslim citizens coming here-we help you find suitable homes and work," said Osman.

Saqib family Gondal and Misbah Saqib

Married couples Saqib and Misbah decided to big city life and death chose to live in the outback town.

Saqib is a taxi driver in Ararat and claims to have more time for their families than when living in the big city.

"Finally we were able to buy a home here, with the installment price is cheaper than the price to rent a house in Melbourne," he said.

This family has two children. And as a taxi driver, Saqib feel directly how to interact with other people all the time.

"Passengers subscriptions even make stuff for our son. Anyone who makes sweaters, some even made the quilt, "said Saqib.

Instead, in a moment of celebration of Christmas busy delivering Saqib greeting cards to its customers.

Family and Remandeep Kaur Mohd Riaz

Riaz and Remandeep comes from the same city in India-but they were not allowed to marry because of religious differences.

They moved to Australia. Remandeep who used Sikh religious later embraced Islam.

The couple came to Ararat four years ago in order to qualify their visa-that should stay in the rural areas. Now both work at the slaughterhouse animals in the city.

"Riaz worked as a cutter of animals and ensure the process is clean while I worked as a supervisor of meat," said Remandeep.

Remandeep claims to be accepted by the citizens of nearby and therefore declared, "I love Australia and want to spend life in this country".

Rabu, 06 Mei 2015

Poignant, Suarez Give Surprises for people with cancer

AVIRANEWS - Barcelona striker Luis Suarez, gave a surprise to cancer patients from Uruguay, Mateo. Via video call, Barcelona fan boy that got the message motivation from Suarez.

Mateo, who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, invited Perez Scremini Foundation in Montevideo. According to the agenda, he will consult a specialist from Spain via video call.

Senin, 04 Mei 2015

Marijuana fields covering an area of 22 Hectares in Aceh was destroyed

AVIRANEWS - Gayo Lues Regency 0113 KODIM working in conjunction with the National Narcotic Narcotic Gayo Lues Regency Gayo Lues Regency Polres and make the destruction of marijuana fields in an area of approximately 22 hectares in Aceh on Friday (1/5/2015).

From the press release was quoted as saying from the BNN Between Monday (4/5/2015), mentioned that the location field is located in district of Gayo Lues Regency Blangkejeren, Regency, Aceh, and entered in the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP).

Son of Venna Melinda wakes up Sweat from the results of Own House

AVIRANEWS - Verrel Bramasta (18), the first son of a former married couple Venna Melinda and Board Member Ivan Fadilla, began a career as an artist and singer role in 2014 and then. The year the world embark upon venturing, Verrel already able to build private homes in the area of South Jakarta.

"God bless you for the entertainment world could buy a House. Duitnya I kumpulin since (model) ads last year, now already about one annual. Nah I'm living away from home, "he said in an interview at the Gramedia Matraman, Jakarta, Monday (27/4/2015).

His father was the one who helped design the new House Verrel began construction this month. "Papa secretly good design. His model a lot of glasses. I wanted to play there is room, home theater, karaoke room. Until now still mikirin ideas, "he said.

When the House was completed, the House occupies Verrel planning alone. "Wanted to live alone. But if the Mama, Papa, sister wanted to stay ya Nah is nothing, "he said.

Once home, Verrel already targeting buying a car. For him a motoring lovers. "Don't get me wrong, out houses finished (construction), I want to nyisihin money to buy cars," story Verrel.

Minggu, 03 Mei 2015

Australia Defends Police Apologize For The Arrest Of The "Bali Nine"

AVIRANEWS - Australia Federal Police (AFP) States can't apologize for their steps divide the information to police (Polri) in Indonesia in 2005 the Bali Nine syndicates related artefacts.

In remarks to reporters Monday (4/5/2015), the AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin described the AFP has changed its guidelines regarding information sharing with other countries.

But Colvin insists, he was Commissioner cannot guarantee that in the future there will be no longer citizens of Australia who threatened the death penalty in other countries as a result of the AFP investigation.

Lorenzo Achieved The First Victory Of The Season

AVIRANEWS - Jorge Lorenzo asserted its dominance at the Jerez Circuit with a first place finish at the Grand Prix Spain, Sunday (3/5/2015). Lorenzo took the lead since the start of the race and finished 5.5 seconds faster than Marc Marquez in second place.

The Yamaha Movistar do racers start from pole position. Start from the position that Marquez both continue to follow in its wake.

Valentino Rossi who started the race from the start of the fifth position up one position behind Pol Espargaro. While Andrea Iannone slipped from third into the start position No. 11.