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Marijuana fields covering an area of 22 Hectares in Aceh was destroyed

AVIRANEWS - Gayo Lues Regency 0113 KODIM working in conjunction with the National Narcotic Narcotic Gayo Lues Regency Gayo Lues Regency Polres and make the destruction of marijuana fields in an area of approximately 22 hectares in Aceh on Friday (1/5/2015).

From the press release was quoted as saying from the BNN Between Monday (4/5/2015), mentioned that the location field is located in district of Gayo Lues Regency Blangkejeren, Regency, Aceh, and entered in the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP).

The discovery of cannabis fields originated from Kodim intelligence reports which found one point fields of marijuana early 2015. Earlier, in six years ago they also never find marijuana fields in the same location.

Next Kodim coordinate with BNNK Gayo Lues Regency to then report it to the deputies of the eradication of BNN.

From the results of two operations, a total of fields found around 22 hectares, consisting of 9 point location with the location of the most extensive around 9 hectares. From this point, 9 marijuana plants have entered a period of ready-to-harvest and there was only 1-2 months. Generally, marijuana ready to be harvested at the time of entering into the age of 6 months.

In the first location point, found marijuana plants as high as 3 meters with antarpohon density of about 1 meter. The location is also found in some sort of command post, Cookware and inventory logistics. The alleged perpetrator is there, usually staying at the command post for three to seven days.

Gayo Lues Regency 0113 Kodim Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Agung Ngurah A Kav Sugiarto suggested that there is a solution rather function to existing community around the fields of marijuana and it has also been he Gayo Lues Regency Regent tell.

"There needs to be a concrete solution for the community around the usual planting marijuana fields. For this reason they are commonly planted due to economic factors, "said Agung.

After harvest, the farmers will pack the cannabis in the location field. Marijuana is already in-press will be plastic coated up to seven layers to then floated through The Alus. Farmers take advantage of the river's length Alus to distribute marijuana to arrive in the village of Agusan and then taken by financiers.

Marijuana or cannabis commonly known Bangkejeren BK, known as the best quality marijuana in Aceh.

Investors generally will empower local farmers to grow marijuana. When the situation is normal, farmers receive a reward/Rp 80,000 pounds of marijuana dipanennya. If the situation is prone to destruction operations because there is, prices could shoot up to Rp 800,000/kilogramnya.

From each hektarnya produced about 2.5 tons of marijuana. In addition to the cost of planting, farmers will also get an extra Rp 20,000/kilograms of marijuana to distribute if successful, Kabanjeren region. If it comes to terrain, transport costs will be higher, reaching $ 200 thousand to 250 thousand Usd/kilogramnya.

From the radar apparatus, farmers planted the marijuana harvest in order to gradually break up so they don't always come to the harvest fields. When harvesting, the height of the plants generally range between 1.5 to 2 metres, depending on the level of fertility of crops, but in general the higher plants when harvesting revolves around 2 meters.

The activities of the destruction of fields of marijuana Eradication Deputies attended the BNN Deddy Fauzi Elhakim, Director of the Narcotics BNN Sugiyo, Gayo Lues Regency O113 Kodim Commander Lieutenant Colonel Kav. A. Agung Ngurah Kapolres, Gayo Lues Regency Sugiarto AKBP Bhakti Eri, and head of the Gayo Lues Regency BNNK Samsul Bahri.

According to Deddy, current marijuana in Aceh have spread and grown in the region of Palembang, Jambi, Bengkulu, Arrowroot, Canning, and Bogor. There's a new mode, i.e. farmers planted marijuana and then used his profits to buy sabu. "Currently there is the term jugabu or selling dope to buy sabu," he said.

Deddy also critiquing about the number of large trees that are cut down by farmers in the fields of marijuana when they open a new land. According to him there are two great evil has been done, the first is a wild tree felling, and secondly because they are planting marijuana. Therefore to forward it plans to partner with the Ministry of forestry to accomplish this.

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  1. wow ladang ganja yang telah begitu subur dan sehat tanaman yang berada ditengah hutan walaupun itu demikian tetap saja terdeteksi oleh aparat gabungan bersama masyarakat bahu membahu memberantas peredaran matiyuana tersebut.
    sukses untuk segenap aparatur bangsa