Senin, 04 Mei 2015

Son of Venna Melinda wakes up Sweat from the results of Own House

AVIRANEWS - Verrel Bramasta (18), the first son of a former married couple Venna Melinda and Board Member Ivan Fadilla, began a career as an artist and singer role in 2014 and then. The year the world embark upon venturing, Verrel already able to build private homes in the area of South Jakarta.

"God bless you for the entertainment world could buy a House. Duitnya I kumpulin since (model) ads last year, now already about one annual. Nah I'm living away from home, "he said in an interview at the Gramedia Matraman, Jakarta, Monday (27/4/2015).

His father was the one who helped design the new House Verrel began construction this month. "Papa secretly good design. His model a lot of glasses. I wanted to play there is room, home theater, karaoke room. Until now still mikirin ideas, "he said.

When the House was completed, the House occupies Verrel planning alone. "Wanted to live alone. But if the Mama, Papa, sister wanted to stay ya Nah is nothing, "he said.

Once home, Verrel already targeting buying a car. For him a motoring lovers. "Don't get me wrong, out houses finished (construction), I want to nyisihin money to buy cars," story Verrel.

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