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Australia Defends Police Apologize For The Arrest Of The "Bali Nine"

AVIRANEWS - Australia Federal Police (AFP) States can't apologize for their steps divide the information to police (Polri) in Indonesia in 2005 the Bali Nine syndicates related artefacts.

In remarks to reporters Monday (4/5/2015), the AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin described the AFP has changed its guidelines regarding information sharing with other countries.

But Colvin insists, he was Commissioner cannot guarantee that in the future there will be no longer citizens of Australia who threatened the death penalty in other countries as a result of the AFP investigation.

The Commissioner conducted a news conference alongside former AFP Commissioner Colvin Michael Phelan in order to explain the role of the police in the arrest Australia Bali Nine syndicates in Indonesia.

Colvin Commissioner lamented that Indonesia continues to execute the syndicate brain Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. According to him, the AFP along with the other institutions were seeking cancellation of the execution of the two men dead.

However, he continued to defend the actions of the AFP who share information with the Police about the syndicate. Colvin said, AFP Commissioner did not have enough evidence to arrest members of this syndicate before leaving Australia.

"Then we work based on images that are not yet complete. We have years of everyone involved, all their plans, even the kind of drugs we don't know yet, "he said.

"That's when we ask for cooperation with the national police. Operationally we deem very worthy and in line with the guidelines of our work at that time, "added Commissioner Colvin.

"The question as to why they were not allowed to return to Australia, we could not dictate Indonesia authorities how they deal with serious crimes in the country," he said.

Komsioner Colvin added, "Similarly you will not wish the police would dictate Indonesia AFP how we handle serious crime in Australia".

He asserted could not guarantee that events like the Bali Nine scenarios will not happen again in the future.

In another development, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop will speak with Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson in Perth today. Grigson's Ambassador was recalled to Australia last week as a form of protest over the execution of the Bali Nine death row inmates execution.

Meanwhile, AFP officials who allowed the submission of information to the Police in 2005 claimed to be acting on the interests of the victims of drugs. Deputy Commissioner Phelan has worked for 20 years as a police officer when he decided to allow the submission of information to the parties in Indonesia.

"Although it has been 10 years, I still recognize it as a difficult decision.

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