Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

The President will free up 5 political prisoners in Papua

AVIRANEWS - Joko Widodo President planned to announce the release of five political prisoners specifically and give a general amnesty to a number of other political prisoners.

The announcement will be made in a press conference following the review of correctional institutions (LP) class 2 Abepura, Kempton, Saturday (9/5) afternoon.

"Yes, the plan is so," said Coordinating Minister (Coordinating) politics, Law and security Tedjo Edhi Purdijatno to compass, as confirmed on Saturday (9/5) morning at the HOTEL Switzerland-Bel Papua.

However, when asked who the five political prisoners, Tedjo quibble forgot. "Gosh I forgot, just checked again later," he added.

Related are five political prisoners who will be freed specifically it enters category the main character in the action demanding independence for Papua, Tedjo said, "We are gradually Yes. These five used to be and more. " Known, originally the liberation of political prisoners will be given to 6 people, but one person turns out there is already dead.

Tedjo confessed, Jokowi President and policy-JK to liberate political prisoners is a step to better focus Government for basic welfare such as health, education, and life assurance. In addition to peace and security and the land of Papua.

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