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Trainer Mayweather Brought A Message To Kill

Trainer Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao, reveals, himself had the impression when looking at boxing gloves special selected Floyd Mayweather for the match between Pacquiao and Mayweather on Saturday night time Las Vegas (2/5/2015) or Sunday morning EDT.

"He seemed to compete to kill," said Roach.

Before the day of the fight, the Boxer must submit several pairs of boxing gloves to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for review. On Friday night, the two camps went to the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and saw a pair of boxing gloves they wear and backup. Boxing gloves that are marked "1" and "2" and placed in a sealed bag.

Mayweather came with his team. While Pacquiao is represented Roach. When they meet, the Philippine boxer's trainer pleaded with boxing gloves the choice surprised Mayweather, that is a pair of boxing gloves in two colors (red and gold) made a Grant made specifically for Mayweather.

Boxing gloves that weighs 8 ounces, with a certain amount of padding, depending on how big the boxers want to get protection from the Holster, but at the same time can still unleash a harsh blow.

"The Grants will be used Gloves Mayweather boxing gloves is the smallest I've ever seen," said Roach on Saturday morning. "I can't believe they chose the Holster. Boxing gloves typically have lots of padding. But this one is not. He seemed to be trying to drop us in the first round. "

Roach also said that he had tried boxing gloves Mayweather, as allowed in the rules, even if Mayweather refuses to try wearing boxing gloves-made Cleto Reyes to wear Pacquiao.

"The Gloves is very small and tight. Mayweather seemed to be trying hard putting hands into it, "said Roach.

Previously, the stronghold of Mayweather boxing gloves were protesting made Cleto Reyes to wear Pacquiao. Based on the contract between the two camps, Mayweather will wear boxing gloves Grants, while Pacquiao would wear Reyes. Both are not allowed to use boxing gloves kind "horse hair". When this type is commonly used in the production of Reyes, where padding is in mitten made of horse hair, foam or a combination of both.

About the contents of that horse hair sticking of Mayweather. The use of horse hair as boxing gloves, padding allows deflate when hitting that accentuates the harsh grip bones. Cleto Reyes boxing gloves known as himself to hit hard, so it is usually not used in exercises with sparring partner.

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