Jumat, 01 Mei 2015

Crazy! TV presenter Is Willingly Naked when Declared Ronaldo Relationships

AVIRANEWS - The action of a television presenter in Venezuela is very shocking and crazy. How did, he took off his clothes, all willing so no matter who closes the thread a piece of her body when she gives a report on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Beautiful female presenter was Yuvi Pallares. She did that when she reported the rumor of a possible relationship between the football stars of Real Madrid with a Playboy model, Daniella Chavez.

Wearing a white Leotard top and tight blue pants, Yuvi did the action on the screen appears the picture of Chavez. He first took off the pants, so that the television was immediately censored in the vital Yuvi.

MIRROR Model Playboy, Daniella Chavez, who is reportedly in a relationship romance with Cristiano Ronaldo.
Do not stop there. Yuvi continuing action by removing clothes when Ronaldo photos appear on the screen while exposing her stomach a sixpack. As a result, the woman who also becomes sexy model photos kerab did show in the nude due to conditions no one else covers on her body.

Meanwhile about Chavez, not only this time she made a sensation. As reported by the Mirror, last month Chavez had a tumultuous world with photos selfie nude as an expression of his anger against the organizers after losing in the beauty contest.

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